Banner Ups

easy-to-use, strong, innovative, inexpensive alternative to grommets

  • Do you need a banner in a hurry?
  • No time and money to sew hem and put grommets?

Banner Ups is perfect to banners, instead of grommets. Recommended for temporary, indoor or outdoor posters also.

Banner Ups® products allow you to create super-strong banners instantly at a fraction of the time and cost of grommeting. Banner Ups® Regular, PowerTabs®, and EdgeTabs® are stronger than grommets because they spread the stress of high winds over a much larger area. Banners made with Banner Ups® withstood sustained wind tunnel tests of 50-70 miles per hour! Banner Ups aren’t just for banners - use them any time you need a fastener for plastic film, posters or lightweight board.
- Stronger than traditional eyelets
- Take seconds to apply, without tools
- Adhesion performance tested to 100kgs
- Different sizes to suit most applications
- Clear PowerTabs don’t obscure printing
- PowerTape ensures straight reinforced banner edges without eyelets
- no need for hem or folding
- For indoor or outdoors use
- Use 8 mm PowerPunch for ‘through eye’ outdoor applications
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order codenamecolor quantity / packsize
BAN001 Banner Ups
white 100 pcs 50x146 mm
The "original" product and still one of the best sellers. Provides flexible installation-vertical, horizontal or at a 45 degree. Foam adhesive works great on rough surfaces.
BAN011 Banner Ups
white 100 pcs 54x140 mm
Ideal for white banners. Flexible yet super-strong.
BAN014 Banner Ups
clear 100 pcs 54x140 mm
Crystal clear PowerTabs is the perfect solution for digitally printed banners. Nearly invisible to the eye, your color graphics shine through!
BAN012 Banner Ups
Mini PowerTabs
white 100 pcs 38x80 mm
Low cost for indoor or light duty outdoor.
BAN013 Banner Ups
Mini PowerTabs
clear 100 pcs 38x80 mm
Clear premium mini tab for indoor or light duty outdoor.
BAN016 Banner Ups
clear 100 pcs 38x102 mm
A crystal-clear tab to use along the edges of banners when additional fastening points are desired. Their rectangular shape also looks great on corners making them a "one size fits all" tab.

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