Folder machines

Instead of the cumbersome and tedious manual folding. The Italian Neolt and German Rowe machines are folding large-scale plans, maps, blueprint to A/4 (E) size in two steps. We offer semi-automatic folding machines in various designs for construction departments, offices, copy shops.
Depending on the application demand folding machines can access the following options:

productivity loadability


Neofold EB series
low 1000-1500 A0 sheets per month 92cm 110cm
Neofold S series low - medium 1500-3000 A0 sheets per month 92cm
Neofold HS series medium - large 3000+ A0 sheets per month 92cm 125cm
VarioFold Compact modular 96cm

Neolt folding machines

  • NeoFold EB machines are automatic and convenient sheet folders. The most important quality is the possibility of folding sheets with free formats for any accepted lengths and with standard formats as per DIN 824 standard.
    sheetfolder for DIN824
  • Automatic, cost effective and compact sheet folding machine. Suitable for technical and standard productivity shops.
    Neolt Neofold S sheet folder
  • Automatic and versatile folder; featuring reliability and high productivity, for centres and offices where technical drawings are produced or copied.
    neofold hs: paper folding quickly and automatically

ár, rendelés Neolt NEOFOLD folding machines

Rowe folding machines

  • A compact offline folding machine. A variety of modules enables configuration of the VarioFold Compact to meet your specific requirements. Worldwide unique and patented German solution.
    ROWE VarioFold Compact folding machine

Jobb oldali blokkok

E-size folding by hand?

No more!
Forget how to fold manually. NeoFold automatic folding machines are robust, compact, innovative, easy-to-use solutions. Spare your time and money with automatic folding your large-format documents.

A/0-A/4 folding per DIN824
DIN 824 free-form folds
E-size to A-size

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