Coner MPol automatic polishing machine

Coner MPol automatic polishing machine

MPol automatic polishing and sanding machine for high gloss furniture panels

Automatic polishing machine for high gloss furniture elements. It’s used for polishing high gloss furniture front panels, ultragloss wardrobe and kitchen doors, drawer-panels. The wider machine can be used for large doors also.

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  • There is a possibility of setting up to 5 polishing cycles on the operator’s panel of the MPol machine.

  • For each cycle definition of conveyor belt speed, rpm of the spindle and pressure of the polishing tool.

  • Polishing compound has to be applied manually before inserting furniture panel inside the machine.

This machine is dedicated for furniture manufacturers. MPol makes the final high gloss polishing on the lacquered front panels, coated MDF furniture parts, Kerrock or Corian sheets. It's a good complementary to Coner's MCut Standard milling machine.

Polishing capacity: upto 40-50 sqm per 8 hours.

MPOL1608 automatic polishing machine with sponge, vacuum conveyor, a pair of roller tables

Not only for polishing. It can be an automatic sanding machine

You can order an Excentric Sander Head for sanding. An optional automatic cleaning device for the sand paper also available.

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What is the advantage comparing to polishing head mounted on CNC router?

MPol is fully automatic - machine recognizes the width and length of the element, operator just puts the panel on the conveyor belt and presses ‘start’ button.
On the router user needs to prepare the ‘tool-path’ for each size of element. On the polishing machine there is pneumatic Z axis with precise control of the pressure (force) which is used for sanding or polishing tool.
Additionally MPol is very robust, doesn’t require a computer, very easy to operate and cheaper then a CNC router.

Price: 0,00Ft

MPOL1608 MPOL1611
Max. size of polished element
(for multi-cycle polishing)
width: 800 mm
length: 1600 mm
width: 1100 mm
length: 1600 mm
Max. width of polished element for pass-through polishing
(one cycle)
width: 800 mm
length: unlimited
width: 1100 mm
length: unlimited
Size of the conveyor belt 1600 x 800 mm 1600 x 1100 mm
Size of 2 roller tables 800 x 800 mm 1100 x 1100 mm
Holding the material vacuum table
Polishing head 2 kW 3.000 rpm (3-phase inverter motor)
Controller PLC based with 7" LCD touch panel
Recognition of the element size automatic (length and width)
with optical and ultrasonic sensors
Pressure Pneumatic Z axis with precise control of the pressure (force) which is used for polishing tool
Min. size of polished element

min. 200 mm wide

Max. height of polished element

100 mm

Polishing tool thread M14
Sanding head optional, user replaceable
2 kW, 12000 rpm (3-phase motor, oscillating)
+ Festool ETS 150/3
Connector for dust collector on sanding head Ø 27 mm
Comsumption max. 3 kW
Power 3x400 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Compressed air about 5 bar and 100 liter/min
Noise max. 71,5 dB(A)

Price included

  • Machine with polishing spindle, conveyor belt, vacuum table, controller, touch panel.
  • 2 roller tables
  • Vacuum pump

1 year warranty

No PC needed.


  • Excentric Sander Head (for sanding)
  • Automatic Sander Cleaning Station (automatic cleaning device for the sand paper)


  • Isand Spider polishing sponge
  • Isand polishing compounds

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automatic polishing, buffing and sanding machine

automata polírozó

polírozási beállítások
polishing parameters setup

PLC vezérlés

fényezés, fényesítés

Watch how efficient the automatic polishing process with MPol machines

Sanding and polishing in a furniture factory.

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According to the users, the MPol polishing machine enables precise and eye-appealing work constantly. Using of the machine makes the manual-demanding work process of hard manual polishing a semiskilled trained work that can be mastered in a short time.

"Using the machine has roughly doubled the polishing capacity, requires no complicated maintenance, and since it works with fixed programs, it doesn't need to be adjusted either. The inducement of employee work is further enhanced by the fact that you can leave the machine alone, which automatically goes through the work phases, so there is no need to stand by it during polishing. This eliminates the polisher's working time by about 70 percent, so the worker can perform other work processes during this time. Based on all this, in addition to significantly expanding and simplifying the polishing capacity, MPol can also play an active role in alleviating the shortage of specialists in the employing companies."

N. Nagy, managing director, Noralex Ltd.

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Sanding or polishing painted MDF. It's easy to change tools.

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