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Large scans with a small tablet (2020. February 28.)

simplifies scanning workflow

RIP for Epson Ecotank Printers (2019. September 19.)

Wasatch SoftRIP

Wasatch SoftRIP version 7.8 (2019. April 29.)

RIP configurations from the cloud

HOLDON MIDI - Best in Test (2019. April 8.)

Heavy duty instant reusable clip-on eyelet

The new standard for large format scanners (2019. March 5.)

Contex HD ULTRA X series

Wasatch SoftRIP version 7.5 (2017. September 19.)

new user interface & color database capabilities powerfully address new markets

All-in-one 3D printer for dental and orthodontic medical applications (2015. March 2.)

3D Systems ProJet 3510 DP Pro

Nextimage4 (2013. October 22.)

Scan, enhance, save in one workflow

3D Systems Repeats Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies List (2013. September 16.)

Rank: 5, Profit growth: 112%

Nextimage for HP T920 & T1500 (2013. June 10.)

scan & copy to new ePrinters

RIP for Epson dye-sub printers (2013. May 16.)

Print true-color textiles, flags, dresses

The best wideformat scanner for 2nd year (2013. April 15.)

WFI Award for HD Ultra

Spiders are coming (2013. February 18.)

For the smallest details to digitize.

zp 151 and zb 63 - new materials for ZPrinters (2013. February 14.)

For High Performance Color 3D Printing

PageDrop - scan where you need it. (2013. January 21.)

New cloud solution from Contex

Epson exclusive RIP for SureColor printers (2013. January 11.)

For better workflow

3D Systems to aquire Geomagic (2013. January 3.)

3D content-to-print solutions

Two new plotter from Canon (2012. August 10.)

Canon launches ImagePrograf iPF760 and iPF765.

Class VI certified materials for ProJet™ series 3D printers (2012. July 4.)

USP Class VI VisiJet® plastic materials for dental and medical applications.

Contex HD Ultra series scanners on the top (2012. March 6.)

Kudos from WFI

Z Corporation to be Acquired by 3D Systems (2011. November 28.)

Customers Gain Access to the Most Comprehensive Suite of 3D Content-to-Print Solutions; a Wide Community of Users and Partners; and Future Products Based on Combined Research & Development.

DMBL5: Top product of 2011 (2011. May 27.)

the best backlit film

Two Value-Priced 3D Printers Starting at Just EUR 12.990 (2010. July 30.)

Z Corp. ZPrinter150 & ZPrinter250

ZPrinter 450 has won the Grand Price at INDUSTRIA 2010 (2010. May 26.)

Intelicoat ICC profiles for new Canon printers (2010. April 14.)

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