DecorFlex Premix coating binder

DecorFlex Premix coating binder

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DecorFlex Premix coating binder

DecorFlex Premix is designed for the manual coating decorative (non-linear) elements manufactured from expanded and extruded polystyrene.

It is a mixture of polymer binder and intentional additives.

Waterborne product, containing no volatile organic solvents.

For using inside and outside.

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DecorFlex Premix with silica can protect styrofoam signs and building decorations.
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How to apply

Before using DecorFlex Premix have to mixed by hand or slow-speed drill with a mixer embedded which is used for mixing plasters or paints. The product should be used undiluted.
DecorFlex Premix can be applied with a brush or a paint gun. Wet coating should be sprinkled with a sieve. Use dry quartz sand fraction 0.2-0.4mm.
After drying, remove the excess quartz aggregate using a feather duster. This action you have to repeat 5-6 times in order to get a thicker protection.
Clean tools with tap water directly after completion of the work.

In unopened packaging product retains its properties for 12 months from the date of production. Keep the product in original sealed packaging at 10-35°C. Protect from frost and excessive sun exposure.

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