Foam Mouldings Coating Machine

Foam Mouldings Coating Machine

screeding machine

Make durable outdoor polystyrene foam shapes!

The Foamcoater can cover linear EPS or XPS foam shapes.

Elevation profiles coating machine is made of welded metal profiles with rectangular cross section. The table top is made of aluminum with a milled drive place. The coating machine is equipped with RAM clamps system. At the table top there are some fixed remotes to stabilize the foam profile during coating process. The bulk chamber of plaster is made of aluminum plates.

outdoor building mold

polystyrene-foam coating machine

Coated foam trim
EPS elevation decor
with DecorPlus high-strength polymer-cement coating

EPS mouldings covered with polymer-cement are durable and strong. Coated building decorations withstand weather affects and mechanical injuries.

This is a linear foam coating machine. Screeding material is gravity fed through the container and directly on to profile.

We recommend DecorFlex Coat Hybrid polimer coatings for protect elevation decor profiles. This high-strength multipolymer mix is fully compatible with this EPS foam coating machine.

Our machine is an easy-to-use professional linear EPS foam coating equipment. You can make durable and flexible protective coatings onto crown mouldings, cornices, styropor foam trims.

Foam moulding coating machine for serial production of perfect outdoor styrofoam cornice lines.

Transmission chain.

Shape-milled elements for perfect and straight protective coating.

Main switch, emergency stop button, start forward, reverse start and stop buttons on the controller box.

Price: 0,00Ft

The automatic foam moulding coating machine is available in normal and long version.


Foam moulding coating machine normal
Max. mould width: 380 mm 580 mm
Max. mould height: ~300 mm ~300 mm
Max. mould length: not limited not limited
Driven length: 580 mm 1020 mm
Table width: 500 mm 700 mm
Table length: 1200 mm 1650 mm
Shipping dimensions: 160*70*130 cm 190*80*130 cm
Shipping weight: 150 kg
180 kg


about 5 meters of moulding per minute


transmission chain

Power supply

single-phase electric power 230 VAC / 0.75 kW


impact security button.


The machine is used for coating straight EPS / XPS polystyrene profiles with plaster mass. We recommend to use our DecorFlex Hybrid coating material with this machine.

Two versions

polisztirol kérgesítő

powlekarka hosszú
standard: 500*1200 mm long: 700*1650 mm
What is it good for?

outdoor and indoor mouldings
coated and uncoated EPS foam

Coating of straight polystyrene profiles for buildings.
How does it work?

acryl template

Polystyrene profiles go through a bulk chamber filled with coating material. User needs templates for every profile. The coating thickness depends on the offset of the profile (typically 2-3mm).


  • Vibrator

There will be absolutely no bubbles with the optional pneumatic vibrator.

pneumatic vibrator

  • Table

Feeding and receiving roller tables. Height and width are the same as the machine, length is 165 cm.

  • Mesh applicator

The plaster coating machine is equipped with a mechanism for imposing fibreglass mesh onto the foam sheet surface.

dryvit háló erősítés

mesh bevonat habtáblára

mesh for extra strong surface

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